We have the recipe to that perfect infusion that will prepare the right colour of your tea. In other words, we have the secret to winning the gamble of SEO. Savour the taste sip by sip of that hot tea while your business blooms to sky-high limits. Over the years, the logic of Search Engine Optimization has changed. With voice search like that of Google’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri; the way of SEO has also changed. Your website to gain an impressive ranking on search engines will require an intellectual understanding of the business that you hold.

Our SEO experts will construct a website that will suit the business requirement fruitfully. Based on the 4 paradigms, our experts will create a structure to frame the website efficiently. They are as following:

  1. Keyword Research: The key lies in the keyword! As simple as that but not so simple in practicality. It takes a key insight to understand the keywords that will help your website to bump up on the Google pages. We have a special cell which is working just for keyword research. Our experts will fetch the keywords that will help the business website to rank. Irrespective whether it is an e-commerce website, content website or a landing page, without SEO, it will not stand a chance to flourish on the search engines. Thorough keyword research, in combination with the content presented on the website together, does the trick.
  2. On-site Optimization: Anything that you read on the website is strategically placed for the robots to crawl the content adequately. There is a thin line between Content and SEO Content. Our team of writers strategically place the keywords in the information displayed on the website. The framing of the information is such that it is impressive for the readers and SEO optimized at the same time. Our writers have that knack of technicality, which is an asset in SEO Marketing strategies.
  3. Off-site Optimization: One cannot ignore the significance of off-site optimization. Its horizon is vast and limitless. Though the name suggests off-site, it is far more complicated and is an ongoing process that helps promotes the website. It includes social media forums, third-party blogging, commenting on popular portals, promotion of website on various social media channels and more.
  4. Link Building: A part of off-site optimization but stands out to be a sole focus as well. Link building helps in generating traffic on the website. From online commenting, posting on well-known blogs and placing the links on popular websites. Such measures help in fetching traffic from all sources.

To cut it short, SEO and Brand Promotion online go hand in hand. One cannot survive without the other!


App Store Optimization aims to bring the mobile application on the top. When a user hits the keyword on the app store, there will be a drop-down list. If the mobile app does not show, then that is because it is lacking App Store Optimisation. There are two app stores that an application gets optimised for; Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Both the stores work distinctively and function opposite to each other. It involves two key steps:

  1. Keyword based optimization Just like the website, apps also shows up on the app stores based on keywords. Google Play Store works like the Google keyword search, but Apple App store focuses primarily on keyword and media. Each app that we create is optimized as per the norms of both the store. We build apps that show up when a relevant keyword is hit by the user.
  2. Asset based optimization As the name suggests it focuses on the assets of a mobile application. It includes aesthetics, layout, working and the utility of the application. The more elaborate the information is in the app store about your application, the better the chances for people to download it. The asset will include media like videos and pictures for the user to understand its purpose. It will also include a description which will be in user-friendly tone and keyword-rich.
  3. Now that you know the above two points, it becomes quite clear the importance of ASO in app building.

    Our Experts perform the following steps to highlight a mobile app progressively on app stores:

  • Create Unique and Vibrant applications with subtle layouts and well-presented text.
  • Optimize it on the bases of keyword and asset factors.
  • Work on improving user ratings and eviews (it helps to build trust and credibility)
  • Popularize it on social media channels (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Regularly check app’s working and functioning to fix the bugs and other issues as and when required.

ASO greatly helps in fostering massive downloads. If the keyword and assets of the application are meticulously weaved, more and more people will come to know about it.


If you want to generate leads, you need SMO. It is like catching fishes with the help of bait. You can’t do fishing if there isn’t any bait. How will you impress the customer if he doesn’t see it out in the open what the product is all about? Social Media Optimization is a way of publicizing the business on all social media channels. Specifically, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other third-party platforms are used to fetch traffic on the website.

Here is how we work for SMO:

  1. Captions & Posts: To impress the user, we create captivating captions and posts so that the user can stay hooked. For anyone to stand out online will require something that speaks about them in crisp reality. Our team of writers creates such posts that stand out and entice the user to click and visit the website.
  2. #HashTags: Instagram has become one of the largest platforms to gather attention. You can get publicity so quickly if you know how to make the right use of the #hashtags. We create posts that trend on Instagram!
  3. Popular third-party Blogs: Today, users have become aware and vigilant. Before they will purchase online or look for other information; a user will first research about it. Here is when third-party blogs come into play. These popular blogs or websites help give authentic information to users. We create articles and blog writings that get aired on these websites. Such articles will contain a link to your website for which it speaks. A user will get the information as well as a link to visit the website and use the service. This way we will be generating leads on our website. Mission successful!
  4. Videos and Other Media: Another impressive way to lure people’s attention is by creating such videos and pictures that will catch the user's eye. Videos that are interactive and immaculately specify a message will generate user interest. We create videos, graphics, animated images, and much more to keep a user hooked on social media channels. A user will want to look and explore more and more on what we will be coming up with next. This will create excitement and keep the user stick to your brand.

SMO is of paramount importance! The statistic reveals that 65 per cent of people today are online on smartphones. The effective and high-yielding scheme to create brand awareness is through social media channels.


It is crucial for a Businessman stepping online to invest in PPC. The reason is simple! People will know you more through advertisements. PPC campaigns help generate leads. It is not just an advertisement but a link that will redirect a user upon clicking your ad. Also, you have full control over the advertising budget. As much as you keep funds in your PPC Google account, as much will be the money in use for advertising your products online depending upon the demographics.

PPC can help you grow and expand your business quickly. You can approach the audience online faster with advertisements. It is a great source to recover financial losses too. How you can do it? Let us handle that! At Zoptal, our team ensures that you gain the maximum profit. No matter how the performance of your Business was previously, with our logics and algorithms, soon the Business will benefit.

Our team will do the following for you

  1. Create catchy advertisements so that the user gets tempted to click.
  2. Work manually under the Google set parameters to strategically target the audience.
  3. Carefully use the fund and see how the plan executes. Necessary changes will be a part of the process along the way to generate maximum traffic on the website.
  4. Our team will work according to your budget and provide services worth your money.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a strategized move to bring more traffic on a website. Google crawlers index the website soon. When a keyword is targeted on the advertisement, the chances for showing up your ad become 100 times more. Your market can grow from hours to a few days. For a small proportion of money that you spent on ads, can help you earn hundreds of dollars. For every click that a user makes on the advertisement, you may a little amount compared to the sales you will make. It is a win-win situation. If the user clicks the ad, you get publicity. On the other hand, if the user chases to buy the product for which they clicked the ad, you make money.

Get the masters of Zoptal to help you earn revenue through PPC. Get the best price quick. They say that time is money, so hurry up and make your decision.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is sometimes interchangeably used with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Overtime, SEM has evolved to be a separate dimension of Digital Marketing. The focus of SEM is to target audience through paid advertisements. PPC (Pay Per Click) is one part of it, but it involves much more. CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is an integral part that one cannot ignore. Any paid services that one opts for to popularise the Business online comes under the horizon of SEM.

There is a lot that an expert will go through to put your business on the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, to advertise your products.

Our Digital Marketing Experts will do the following for you:

  1. Keyword Targeting: An essential part of making advertisements is to target keywords that are relevant to your business. It may sound simple, but it is far more complex. One needs to choose keywords carefully as only then a business can benefit. Your business website will show up on the advertisement section of Google or any other search engine’s search results if keyword targeting is proper.
  2. Creating Catchy Ad Campaigns: For a user to see an enticing advertisement will urge them to click and buy the product. When the ad shows up on the bar of Google at the time when the user hits his query that means the user is rooting buy a certain product. If your ad shows up and is catchy enough for the user to click; voila your product will get sold!
  3. Handling the statistics and keeping an eye on the progress: One has to pay some attention to details when it comes to ad campaigns online. The trend is ever-changing and so are the behavioural patterns of the consumers influencing the marketing strategies. Keeping in mind your business weaknesses, strengths and competition, a digital marketing expert will then formulate a plan. He will keep track of the way your website will trend on the search engines. Any aspect of it that threatens the ranking will be eliminated as soon as possible so that the progress is not hindered in any way.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a sure way to achieve ranking as well as traffic on the website. If you own an e-commerce business, it is going to prove phenomenally remunerative.


It is inevitable that if you have a business, you will have to build an online reputation as well. The statistics have revealed that about 65 per cent of people are online on their smartphones. It is evident enough specifying the need for building a healthy online reputation. ORM stands for Online Reputation Management which means that it incorporates strategies that will help build Brand Awareness and Brand Identity.

Today, before people visit your physical business space, they will first like to visit your virtual space and that is your website. How will your business is doing, what it is about and what credibility it has in the market will be researched by the people online. The benefit of stepping online is that you may never need a physical office to run your business. Many businessmen became rich by selling products online and all they have is a storehouse. You can start with small business; the ad campaigns will help you anyway to take the advantage of the vast exposure that the internet will give you.

What ORM incorporates?
From anything to everything that deals with brand promotion online falls under the horizon of ORM.

  1. Managing Social Media Channels: To trend online on twitter, Instagram and generate catchy Facebook and Youtube posts is necessary to keep in touch with the audience. Today, it is not only for promoting your products but also for making your consumers feel loved and cherished. Your posts can be varied where you can try to build a connection with your audience. Our Digital marketing expert will help in building a healthy following on such social media channels so that your business gains maximum exposure.
  2. Forums, Wikipedia, Collaborative Sites and more: People will not search just by the keyword. Some people like to read for pleasure and explore along the way. There are collaborative websites that post information on varied topics and hold good ranking. The aim of ORM is to provide a business with as much benefit as possible. Our experts leave no stone unturned! From forums to the wiki and collaborative websites, we take care of all the aspect.
  3. Blog Posts, Article Submissions and Press Releases: Everything that is posted online, whether on websites or in the form of articles for blogs and more, it requires management. From keyword targeting to finding good blog sites for posting articles, a careful strategy is needed. The content has to be engaging, or the user who is looking for that information may find it vague and rubbish. As much as the content will be informative, the more impressive it will turn out for the user. This in return will fetch your business publicity and popularity which is our goal.

ORM is necessary to execute a successful Digital Marketing Strategy. One must know what kind of audience to target, what information to spread, what face to give to the Business so that people know more and more about it.

Digital Marketing trends have changed over time, and it requires a certain kind of skill to weave the channels in a way that complements each other. Effective Digital marketing is a combination of the above paradigms. Any of the ones go missing, it will hurt the whole mechanism. We call ourselves as craftsmen of Digital Marketing because we weave each of the technique in coordination to the other, building a synchrony that will produce the best hymn. In other words, you will get the best of the best for your business when it comes to establishing Brand Identity, Brand Awareness, and ultimately flourishing it imperatively.

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