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How it Works

A simple camera can turn the physical reality into a world of fantasy. A camera feed will catch the objects present in reality and turn them into elements to project the same onto the screen. The sensors will map the surroundings accurately and then project the same in a different way where the activities will turn into a digital world allowing a virtual space to create more excitement and depth. Broadly, termed as the Computer Vision, will turn the physical environment into the digital anomaly and that is the game changer. To be precise, anything that you see in around you will turn into a spectacular digital medium through the live camera feed.

AR and its perks!

Through location and recognition is how AR can turn anything into a Virtual Reality. Anything that you see in the real world can turn into a virtual world through the computer feed where the gaming experience becomes phenomenal. Augmented reality headsets, 3D augmented reality glasses, displays, mobile applications and more are achievable with the technologies that are brewing up in the AR field. Your phone can turn anything in the real world into a digital anomaly where the 3D experience can help in a number of ways. Setting up of an architectural model, housing and planning, Business Marketing plans, Games and Apps, Industrial Engineering, and Robotics are only a few of its examples.

AR optimised Smart Glasses are high on the trend where the industry is flourishing at a rapid pace. The Augmented Reality has the ability to turn anything into a medium that provides a user with an impactful, usable and sharp environment to use and apply it in different strengths. Turn a magazine cover into a game or an office into a virtual workshop. There is no limit!

AR and its Technologies


Viewpoint Tracking and Virtual Object Interaction is why ARToolKit is one of the most used AR Technology all over the world today. ARToolKit changes the real image into virtual reality so correctly that the results are fastidious. It works with the coordination of the real camera where the virtual camera gets adjusted at the same angle helping in projecting the virtual reality marvellously well. Mobile application development for the science industry, astrology, healthcare industry and augmented reality displays for virtual training in the military, NASA and other such agencies are highly in use.

Google ARCore

No fancy camera requirements, just with your phone camera with Google ARCore, one can enter a virtual environment with a mind-boggling interactive experience. The platform has quite sharp edges to itself where motion tracking, the intelligence to sense environment and light is estimated perfectly well. The platform is so sharp that as the phone moves, the points and readings from the phones inertial sensors are mapped well by the ARCore, which then orients the position into the virtual form. It works with Android which has Nougat or higher versions that mean all the versions that are 0.7 or above. The Android App Development for games becomes a fascinating experience.

Apple ARKit

To make the experience immersive and sublime is what Apple ARKit is all about. The platform calls for an iOS app development which allows flexibility of convenience and time for the users. It offers persistent and shared Augmented Reality Experience which means that the user can start the game, program or any application right from where they last left off and continue the progress. As it offers shared experience which means that not only the participants but also the onlookers can see what is going on in the Virtual Reality. It keeps on getting cooler where it can turn magazines, toys, and sculptures in the house, dining table, a cup of coffee and more, triggering a surreal AR experience.

Virtual Reality is like peanut butter and jelly!

Reality is what we as humans experience. Virtual Reality is when we become immersed in an environment that is augmented but is very much a reality; the only difference that it is distinct from the physical environment. How enthralling is that? It is the perfect match of peanut butter with jelly that comes together and makes the experience heavenly. With the help of Virtual Reality, many fields today are preparing themselves with a futuristic approach. Astronauts are getting trained to control problems in space through VR applications. Special Military Agents are getting intellectual trainings for different kinds of situation control and more.

The world is witnessing modern means and it is all thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality empowering human place and business. The roots are far spread and the web and mobile application development today, is no more the same.

VR and its Technologies

Unity 3D

A platform that offers great functionality to build 2D and 3D games which is compatible with most platforms. Unity 3D application offers great picture clarity, real-time development, high-end graphics and video experience. It makes it exceptional from the rest of the available Virtual Reality Applications. The creativity with this platform is endless as it renders a robust and an easily manoeuvrable working environment with which putting a vision to reality, becomes not only fun but it bears a powerful impact.

3DS Max

To go bold with animation and graphics then 3DS Max is the right platform. The gaming apps turn out to be unique with attractive media that will keep the users hooked to it. Maximum software out there works with 3DS Max which includes Fusion 360, Unity and SketchUp as well. It provides a platform where it offers unique parameters to work on as it is always updating itself. Today, fluid simulation and Boolean operations are possible with 3DS Max. With fluid simulation, realistic behaviours can turn well on Virtual Reality making the experience even more surreal and magnificent.

Maya Google’s SketchUp

A web application development platform that allows building a thought, a mere fragment of imagination into a piece of a workable model that presents itself with the aid of virtual reality. It is like a blueprint where one can make constant amendments as and when one likes. With Maya Google's SketchUp one can create web and mobile application development in a way that it will alter a room for errors. As it renders Virtual Reality experience, a 3D workspace comes into play where the whole team can view the progress and make custom changes. It saves a lot of time and visualising ideas become a lot easier where building designs are no less than a fun activity.

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